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Choices by DL welcomes Princess Caroline of Monaco

Gassan Diamonds receives her royal highness and Choices by DL welcomes Princess Caroline of Monaco

Gassan Diamonds was extremely proud to welcome Caroline of Monaco, Princess of Hanover, to the historic diamond cutting factory on the occasion of the official launch of AMADE Netherlands.

Caroline of Monaco @ Gassan Diamonds 2


After introducing Gassan Diamonds, Debora Huisman-Leeser personally presented the auction object to Princess Caroline: a gorgeous pair of Choices by DL earrings and a ring from the ‘Fly me to the Moon’ collection. The Choices by DL jewellery will be up for auction tonight at the AMADE Netherlands gala event, which will be held at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The proceeds of the gala night auction will benefit Syrian children in Jordanian refugee camps. At the invitation of UNHCR, the UN refugee aid organisation, an AMADE delegation visited several refugee camps in Jordan last October. This auction is AMADE’s way to support the ‘Time to Act’.

Caroline of Monaco @ Choices by DL



AMADE Mondiale

AMADE Mondiale is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) working from Monaco to defend the rights of children throughout the world regardless of race, nationality and religion. AMADE Mondiale was established by Princess Grace of Monaco in 1963. Caroline of Monaco, Princess of Hanover, has been the charity’s President since 1993.
AMADE Mondiale aims to improve the lot of the most vulnerable children by offering aif in the form of healthcare and education. The organisation combats violence against and the exploitation and abuse of children, and defends their rights. The charity unfolds its activities through a network that includes fifteen national affiliates in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, among the AMADE Italy, AMADE Burundi, AMADE Chili and now AMADE Netherlands. The local organisations are autonomous and aim to provide joint support to aid programmes or to develop and initiate such programmes.

Gassan and Choices by DL

The Gassan Diamonds head office is located in an original steam-powered diamond cutting factory dating from 1879, which the company has renovated and updated. Over 400,000 visitors toured the beautiful building in 2013, the year in which Gassan was elected the Netherlands’ Best Family Business by the Family Business Foundation in collaboration with KPMG. The company still focuses primarily on diamond cutting, wholesale trading and retail of mounted and loose gemstones, gold jewellery and watches.
Debora Huisman-Leeser, Gassan brand manager and designer of Choices by DL, was excited to open the first Choices by DL flagship store at the Gassan Diamonds diamond cutting factory on 27 April 2010.
The flagship store is the culmination of Debora Leeser’s study project. She graduated cum laude from the AMFI Institute in December 2008. After adventures at the Millionaire Fair in Amsterdam, New York Fashion Week and a range of photo shoots in leading magazines, she has reaffirmed her roots in parent company Gassan Diamonds by opening this first Choices by DL showroom. Choices by DL is an interchangeable collection based on 18 carat gold and real gemstones. In addition to the Gassan shops and various jewellery shops in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Singapore and Austria, the jewellery brand was introduced to Bloomingdales, the leading department store in New York, in October 2014.


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