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in watch design has always been at the heart of the EBEL brand. Founded by husband and wife Eugène Blum and Alice Lévy, in La Chaux-de- Fonds, Switzerland in 1911, the spirit and heritage of the EBEL brand have been shaped by the complementary talents and interests bequeathed by the couple. The very name, EBEL, is an acronym of their initials: “Eugène Blum Et Lévy”. Eugène Blum was driven by a quest for functionality, while Alice Lévy had a passion for aesthetics. This exceptional duality resulted in a marriage of beauty and function that was to become EBEL’s founding philosophy and the core of all its inspired creations.

This inspirational principle was set in stone in 1950 with the introduction of the Kissing “E” logo. With its gentle, sensual curves, voluptuous charm and technical perfection, the Kissing “E” logo became the emblem of a successful tale of synergies between the brand’s heritage and its founding philosophy. Building on the latter, and its cornerstones of luxury, elegance, and sensuality, the brand has instilled the highest watch industry standards to ensure that the functioning of its timepieces is as smooth as their inimitable look and feel. Through over a century of award-winning watches, five iconic lines particularly stand out.



The brand hallmarks of consistent excellence and inventive sophistication soared to new heights in 1977 with the introduction of an iconic model that would define its identity. The launch of the groundbreaking Sport Classic line, with its inimitable Wave bracelet and fully integrated case, represented the birth of the hero product concept, and a breakthrough in design and function that marked the beginning of the sport chic category. This unique watch achieved almost instant recognition, doubtless because it exemplified EBEL’s ‘beauty marries function’ philosophy and generated lasting fascination with two-toned steel and gold watches.

In 2017 EBEL celebrates its heritage with the relaunch of this classic timepiece. The EBEL Sport Classic features a timeless design that embodies the very soul of style, with elegantly thin geometric features crafted in the pursuit of a perfect, flawless shape. The tapered links and flat surface of the trademark wave bracelet have been retained as a salute to the original Sport Classic model and its signature flexibility, while the new wave shape is more elegantly pronounced. Representing the focal point of the brand’s repositioning, the EBEL Sport Classic brings a historic design classic firmly into the 21st century.
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