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International Luxury Partners (ILP) at INHORGENTA MUNICH

PREMIERE IN MUNICH – in 2015, you will see International Luxury Partners (ILP) at INHORGENTA MUNICH for the first time with the represented brands EBEL, Louis Erard, Choices by DL, Christiaan van der Klaauw, and Montegrappa.

You can find ILP on the exhibition from February 20 until 23, 2015 in hall B1, 217/318, B/C.

250 Jahre Guttenhöfer 6


Loek Oprinsen, Managing Director of ILP, describes the motivation why and with which brands you can find the International Luxury Partners (ILP) at INHORGENTA MUNICH 2015: „I founded the International Luxury Partners (ILP) on May 1, 2014 based on my thoughts to be very close to the markets and our distribution partners. Until then, ILP has been able to agree cooperations with five brands: the ‚founder brand‘ EBEL, followed by the brands Choices by DL and Christiaan van der Klaauw and recently by Louis Erard and Montegrappa (category writing instruments).

EBEL is already quite well known in Germany and you hardly need to add any information – a Swiss luxury watch brand with a heritage beyond a century, known world-wide for highest quality, comfort, and iconic designs, especially due to its revolutionary bracelet with wave-shaped links which had already kept the legendary Sport Classic at its wearer’s wrist. In late fall 2014, the evolution of this icon was launched to the markets around the globe – the EBEL Wave.

Choices dy DL is a Dutch jewellery brand that introduced a unique, patented concept to the premium segment. You are enabled to mix and match your pieces of jewellery the way you like. Each piece is made out of three elements – the base (ring, bangle, earrings, necklace, etc.), a frame and a gemstone. At this brand, it is all about flexibility and individualism as women nowadays do not like to limit themselves to only one look or style.

Christiaan van der Klaauw – Astronomic Watches is a Dutch watch brand that is the only atelier world-wide which is fully dedicated to the design and production of exclusive, hand-made watches with astronomic complications. Some superlatives are integrated in the masterpieces of this brand, such as the smallest mechanical planetarium of the world, the slowest moving watch complication on Earth – the display of the solar orbit of Saturn taking 29.46 years – or the most accurate three-dimensional moon phase world-wide.

Louis Erard is a Swiss watch brand founded in 1931 that has since then only built timepieces powered by mechanical movements to keep to the tradition of Swiss watchmaking going back in history for more than 400 years. The brand wants to prove all watch aficionados that expertise, flawless quality and small complications can go hand in hand with a accessible price.

Montegrappa is a precious, Italian brand for writing instruments a. o. This brand embodies the link between tradition and modernity. Since its foundation in 1912, its writing instruments are produced in the same historic buidlingin Bassano del Grappa at the banks of river Brenta. At the same time, many popular people of all areas of life have been proud owners of Montegrappa writing instruments, such as heads-of-state, popes, kings, worldclass sportsmen, pop stars and Hollywood celebrities. Ernest Hemingway already used a Montegrappa writing instrument during his war reporting in World War I. Boris Jelzin handed over a Montegrappa Dragon to Wladimir Putin as a symbol of the tranfer of power.“



Loek Oprinsen is part of the EBEL brand in various functions for approximately 10 years, i. e. as the brand’s President. Now, his own company ILP represents the brand in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. He sees the INHORGENTA MUNICH not as a plaform for newnesses, but as a platform for an additional distribution. It is a matter close to his heart to bring the brand back to the local retailers as this has been hardly the case in recent years. “I heartly invite all retailers to visit our stand and experience our – and this I am very proud of – stunning brand portfolio. Among the products, you will find the evolution of a design icon in watch industry, the brand new EBEL Wave.” ILP wants to give access to the brands for local retailers in Germany and its neighbour countries. This is hardly feasible at the Baselworld or similar occasions due to the number of existing contacts.

Loek Oprinsen invites all retailers to get an own idea of the brands represented by ILP. “I am convinced that each brand in ILP’s portfolio has unique, invincible arguments in their favour.o eigene unschlagbare Gründe besitzt, value-for-money ratio and the search for something special.“



International Luxury Partners (ILP) at INHORGENTA MUNICH:  Hall B1, 217/318, B/C.

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